Firearm Found in Cheerios Box

Last night, Sunday, February 21, 2011 around 8:50PM, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) were on patrol in the area of Codman Square when they heard what sounded like the sound of gunshots.  Officers immediately responded to the area where they heard the sound of gunshots while consulting with Operations as to whether ShotSpotter had picked up the sound of gunshots. Operations confirmed that ShotSpotter had detected gunshots and directed them to the area of 530 Washington Street.

At 530 Washington Street, officers located two gunshot victims suffering non-life threatening injuries.  One of the victims was transported to Boston Medical while the other was transported to Carney Hospital.  

As a result of information developed during the course of the investigation, officers and detectives responded to 11 Wheatland Ave. and there placed suspect, Michael Wiggins, 18 of Dorchester under arrests and charged him with Assault and Battery and Intimidation of a Witness. Officers continued their investigation, and pursuant to ongoing investigation were able to identify the second suspect.  Officers, after identifying the second suspect, responded back to 11 Wheatland Ave. and there locate the second suspect, Lamar Brison, 20 of Dorchester and charged him with Intimidation of a Witness, Assault and Battery and a DYS warrant for Violation of Conditional Liberty.

As part of the ongoing investigation, officers executed a search warrant at 11 Wheatland Ave. where they recovered a number of items, amongst them the clothing the witness described the suspect was wearing at the time of the assault, a described sock used to hide the firearm with a bullet hole in it and a loaded firearm in a Cheerios box.