Looking for Attention from the Wrong People

Early this morning around 12:48AM, officers from District D-14 (Allston/Brighton) were on patrol in the area of Harvard and Cambridge Avenues when officers observed a car double parked on Harvard Avenue.  Officers navigated their way around the car and as they did so, the car sounded its horn at officers and pulled out behind officers.

The car continued behind officers until the next intersection where the car took a left and speed off at a high rate of speed. Officers were able to get back behind the car and noticed that the car did not have rear plate and observed it fail to stop for a red light at Cambridge and Winship Streets.

Officers conducted a traffic stop at Chestnut Hill Ave. and there asked the operator for his license and registration. The operator provided officers with a registration and foreign license. Officers queried the registration on the Mobile Data Terminal which turned out to be valid but the license was determined to be counterfeit.

The suspect, Marcio B. DeOliveira, 27 of Brighton was arrested and charged with driving without being licensed and cited for Red Light Violation.