Suspect, Refusing Officers’ Traffic Instructions, Arrested

Last night around 12:00AM, officers from District D-14 (Allston/Brighton) arrested suspect, Doyle C. Faul, 20 of Brookline and charged him with Failure to Stop for Police Officers, Driving to Endanger and a number of motor vehicle infractions.

The arrest was preceded by detail officer who were stationed at the intersection of Commonwealth and Chestnut Hill Avenues directing traffic due to traffic signals being deactivated. It should be noted that there were several utility companies working at that intersection and a 5×5’ hole there.  As a result of the above, all traffic was being directed to travel straight so as to minimize the possibility of an accident between cars and trolleys at the intersection.  

The suspect approached the intersection at the above around 11:36PM and was directed by a detail officer at that intersection to proceed straight. The detail officer standing right in front of the suspect’s car made eye contact with the suspect and by way of hand motion and arm gestures directed the  suspect to travel straight but instead of following the officer’s command s and directions, the suspect attempted to drive past the officer. The officer stepped in front of the suspect’s car and now both verbally and with gestures directed the suspect to proceed straight. The suspect now having made eye contact with the officer suddenly drove past the officer, abruptly turned his wheel almost striking the officer and negotiated the turn at a high rate of speed and sped off with tires spinning on the wet surface.  

The suspect’s car information was broadcast to Boston 911 Operations and a short time later Brookline Police officers spotted the car and attempted to stop the suspect’s car. The suspect again refused to stop for officers and sped off from officers.  Around 12:00AM, Brookline Police officers were finally able to stop the suspect and Boston Police officers responded to the location of the stop at the intersection of Beacon St. near Chestnut Hill Avenue.  The suspect was then placed under arrest and charged with the above charges and a number of motor vehicle infractions.