BPD K-9 Assists in Apprehension of B&E Suspects

Yesterday afternoon around 12:36PM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to 9 Haley Street for a breaking and entering in progress with a report of two people having gained entry through a front side window.

On arrival, officers observed the screen from the side had been removed and placed on the ground. Officers secured the perimeter around the house and entered after announcing their presence and office several times without anyone answering. After several more announcements, one suspect came out and told officers that he lived in the house. Suspect after coming out told officers that he had no identification nor did he know the house number or the spelling of the street. The suspect was placed into custody after the above and finally admitted to officers, “OK, I don’t live here! There is one more person in the house but I don’t know his name.”

After the first suspect was arrested and transported, officers once again announced their office and asked that anyone else in the house come to no avail. At this time, a K-9 officer responded to the scene and entered the residence in order to find the second suspect. Upon entering the residence, the dog, Rico immediately went to the basement and scratched at a door there.  At this time, the suspect pushed open the door and pushed the officer in an attempt to flee. The dog, Rico at this time pursued the suspect and apprehended him.

The suspects, a 15-year old male juvenile from Roxbury and Maurice E. Jones, 17 of Roxbury were arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering in the Daytime.