Detail Officer and Concerned Citizen Tag Team to Arrest B&E Suspect

Yesterday afternoon around 1:30PM, an officer performing a construction detail at 175 Berkeley St. was approached by a witness who stated that he observed a suspect break into a car. The witness reported that he saw suspect watching the detail officer and as the officer walked into a gate, the suspect used a screwdriver, force the rear window of the of a car open, remove a large nylon bag and flee the area on foot towards Clarendon Street.

At this point, the witness allowed the officer to get in his car and proceeded to the area of Columbus Ave. and Clarendon St. where the suspect was identified by the witness as he walked towards the entrance of the Back Bay MBTA Station. The suspect was stopped and placed under arrest by the detail officer for the above offense.

The suspect, Addel Valdes, 30 of Mattapan was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering Motor Vehicle, Possession of Burglarious Tools and Willful Malicious Destruction of Property after the nylon bag was found in his possession with a laptop computer.  The owner of the car was subsequently contacted by officers and his laptop returned.  The suspect was only apprehended due to the actions of the concerned and vigilant witness and the proximity of the detail officer at the time of the crime.