Quick Acting Teller and Immediate Police Response Lands Bank Robbery Suspect in Jail

Yesterday afternoon around 1:09PM, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to 2250 Dorchester Avenue/Meetinghouse Bank for a robbery in progress.

While en route, officers were given a description of the suspect as being a black male about 5’10” with a “fake beard”, blue winter coat and gray Eskimo hat who had passed a note to the teller in an attempt to rob the bank.

Officers who were nearby immediately responded and on arrival found the suspect standing in front of the teller. The suspect was placed under arrest. Officers then spoke to the teller who told officers that the suspect walked up to her and handed her two pieces of paper. The teller without reading the notes hit the panic button and walked away and informed her manager. The teller then returned to the window and read the note which read, “I am Brian need $4,000 I got a gun and a Bomb.” Just as the teller finished reading the note, officers arrived on scene and placed the suspect under arrest.  

The suspect, Brian Miller, 54 of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Attempted Bank Robbery and Stealing by Confining or Putting in Fear.