Suspect Arrested after Child Shows Up to School with Crack in Shoe

Yesterday, Monday, November 15, 2010 around 12:38PM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) arrested suspect, Demare K. Gary, of Roxbury and charged him with Possession of Class B, Possession of Class B with Intent to Distribute and Possession of Class B with Intent to Distribute within 1,000’ of a School Zone.

The suspect came to be placed under arrest as a result of a 911 call to 22 Elm Hill Avenue/The Walnut Grove Head Start to investigate a child. En route, officers were advised that staff at the daycare/pre-school had found what they believed to be crack cocaine inside a three year old child’s sneaker.

On arrival, officers spoke to the staff at the school who explained to officers that the child had complained about her foot hurting and when a teacher removed her shoe to try to fix, they located a plastic bag inside her shoe with what appeared to be numerous individually packaged bags of crack cocaine.  Once the substance was found inside the child’s shoe, it was brought to the program director’s office who notified the police and the Department of Children and Families. Once the shoe was removed from the child’s foot to be brought to the program director, she expressed concern to the school staff saying, “Where is my shoe? Mommy is going to be mad at me. (The teacher) took my candy my mom put in my shoe. Where’s (the teacher)?” When asked by staff where she had gotten the (candy) from? The child responded and stated, “My mommy! My mommy did it last night. My mommy put it in my shoes and said it was candy.”

Officers then spoke with the child’s mother who told officers that she was not aware of the substance believed to crack cocaine in the child’s shoe.  The mother went on to state that she put on the child’s shoes this morning during which she complained about her foot hurting. The mother stated that she loosened the child’s shoes and dropped her off at school at her regular time.  After speaking to all the parties, officers took custody of the child’s shoe which had seventeen (17) individually packaged plastic bags of a substance believed to be crack cocaine.

After speaking to all the parties above, officers had a conversation with the suspect who is the mother’s boyfriend, who has another child in common with her.  The suspect, after conversation with officers, admitted that he had put the crack cocaine in the child’s shoes the night before and had forgotten about it. The suspect was consequently placed under arrest after his admission and charged with trhe above offenses.