Citizen Alert from A-7 (East Boston): Crime Summary

A-7 Crime Summary for the Week of September 27 through October 1, 2010

(Incident) Larceny from a Motor Vehicle

(Location) 184 Bennington Street, East Boston

(Time of Occurrence) 02:10 AM

Officers investigating a report of car breaks observed the two person(s) fitting the description given to E911. The two suspect(s) were positively identified, placed under arrest and charged with breaking & entering of a motor vehicle in the night time and possession of burglarious tools.

(Suspects) a 30 year old Hispanic male of East Boston, a 24 year old Hispanic female of Roxbury.

(Incident) Breaking & Entering

(Location) 199 Marion Street, East Boston

(Time of Occurrence) 11:00 AM

The victim stated to the officer that she had left the apartment at approximately 11:00 AM and arrived at home at approximately 5:30 PM to discover her apartment had been broken into. The officer observed three pry marks approximately 2 inches below the door knob to indicate suspects forced their way into the apartment. Once inside the suspect(s) entered the master bedroom which is located adjacent to the front door. The suspect(s) removed a Toshiba Computer, Nintendo WII System, a Bulova Watch, and approximately 1,000.00 in US Currency.

(Incident) Unarmed Robbery

(Location) 222 Sumner Street, East Boston

(Time of Occurrence) 04:06 pm

Officers spoke to the victim who stated that while he was walking from Burger King in Maverick Square to his place of employment he was assaulted by three white Hispanic males in their late teens. The suspect(s) pushed the victim down from behind and caused him to fall and hit his head on the ground. They were punching and kicking him until they removed his cell phone and then ran down Bremen Street. The officers searched the area to no avail. The victim had scratches and a bump on his forehead but refused medical attention.

(Incident) Possession of Class D with Intent to Distribute

(Location) 231 Brooks Street, East Boston

(Time of Occurrence) 03:11 pm

Officers responded to a report of a man slumped over at the wheel of a motor vehicle. Upon arrival and after a brief investigation officers discovered 17 large bags of marijuana and $48,000 in US currency. The suspect was placed under arrest and charged with possession of Class D marijuana with intent to distribute within 1000ft of a school zone.

 (Suspect) a 24 year old white male of Walpole MA