Citizen Alert from C6 (South Boston)


CC# 100485884 on 9/7/10 8:17AM at Dorchester Ave & W 4th St Bridge victim reported that she was approached by 2 BM’s teens one wearing a white T-shirt and blue Nike mesh shorts who attempted to steal her handbag. The second suspect was carrying a backpack.  The victim screamed and the suspects fled on Dorchester Ave towards W Broadway. 

Residential B&E Arrest:           

On 9/8/10 between 1:00AM & 2:00AM at 910 E 4th St , 917 E Broadway, 851 E 4th St, and 859 E Broadway victim’s reported B&E to their occupied residences.  At 3:15AM Officers conducted a threshold inquiry of an adult male suspect.  The suspect was positively identified by 3 of the 4 victims and was arrested for B&E.  The suspect has prior arrests for B&E in Chelsea and East Boston.

B&E MV Arrest:

CC# 100485765 on 9/7/10 5:35AM at Grimes St & W 7th St an adult male was arrested for B&E MV and RSG.  The suspect had 2 GPS systems and an I-pod in his possession at the time of his arrest. One of the GPS systems was reported stolen from 72 Baxter St. 


CC# 100486310 between 9/3/10 & 9/7/10 at 445 Old Colony Ave victim reported that a Hilti 9” saw, Milwaukee 10” saw, Makita electric blower, Hilti 500 & 505 demo guns, Dewalt drill, Bosch hammer drill, and a Hilti hammer drill were stolen from the construction site.


CC# 100488021 on 9/7/10 8:00PM at 294 W 5th St victim reported that a bag containing a BPD radio, parking and MV citation books, and city ordinance book were stolen.

CC# 100487970 between 9/6/10 9PM & 9/7/10 7AM at 805 E 4th St victim reported that a Tom-Tom GPS, cell phone charger, flashlight, and Ray Ban sunglasses were stolen.

CC# 100485196 on 9/6/10 between 12:30PM & 6:30PM at 12 Dry Dock Ave victim reported that a window was smashed and a Sony laptop and Nikon camera were stolen.

CC# 100484470 between 9/4/10 & 9/6/10 at Dorchester St & Vinton St victim reported that a window was smashed and a Giant bike and Oakley sunglasses were stolen.

CC# 100478376 on 9/3/10 between 2AM & 4AM at 309 E St victim reported that a suitcase containing a Dell laptop, Blackberry, Samsung cell phone, and a Garmin GPS were stolen.  No sign of forced entry.