Two Suspects Arrested for Stealing a Scooter

This morning around 3:25AM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) arrested suspects, Shawn T. Hussey, 19 of Roxbury and Samuel D. Milton, 19 of Newton and charged them with Receiving a Stolen Motor Vehicle and Possession of Burglarious Tools.

Officers were on patrol around in the area of Warren and Wyoming Streets when they observed two males, one pushing a scooter and the other on a bicycle. In light of the time of day, past experiences and recent thefts in the area, officers decided to further investigate.

Officers approached the two males who were pushing the scooter and observed that one was sweating profusely and appeared to be nervous while the other kept averting officers’ eyes as if looking for an escape route.  Officers in conducting a threshold inquiry asked the two for identification and inquired about the scooter.  Suspect Hussey told officers that the scooter belonged to him and that they were on their way to get gas. Officers then asked the suspect about ownership papers for the scooter and he replied that he were at his house. Officers then asked the suspect for the keys to the scooter at which point he started patting his pockets then told officers that he didn’t have a key. Officers then again asked the suspects about why they were pushing the scooter and this time they answered that they said that the battery was dead and they were taking it to Auto Zone to get it charged despite going in the opposite direction.

Officers then inspected the scooter and noticed that the ignition had fresh damage to it and that the plastic cover on the ignition had been pulled away. After making this discovery, officers noticed that suspect Milton was become increasingly nervous and that he had a bulge on the right side of his body. Officers pat frisked suspect Milton and discovered that he was in possession of knife and a flat head screw.  Officers then pat frisked suspect Hussey and discovered that he had a pair of channel lock pliers, a knife and flashlight in his pockets.

Based on the totality of the circumstances surrounding the scooter, the tools found on the suspects and the damage to the scooter’s ignition, the suspects were arrested and charged with the above offenses.  The suspects post arrest admitted to officers that they had “taken” the scooter from a back yard a few blocks away and that they were taking to fix it and ride it around.