Please Don’t Arrest Me, I am on Probation!

Early this morning around 3:30PM, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) were on patrol in the area of Vinson St. and Dorchester Ave. when they were approached by a passerby who told them that there was a male attempting to break into a car at the end of Vinson Street.

Officers responded to the front of 45 Vinson Street and there observed a male inside a Honda Civic placing an orange colored tool in the ignition. As officers exited their cruiser to further investigate the suspect jumped out of the car and started running from officers. Officers pursued the suspect and caught him after a brief foot chase. Once in custody, the suspect exclaimed to officers, “Please don’t arrest me, I am on probation. “ The suspect went on to ask officers, “Can you guys please let me go? Is there any other way we can take care of this?”

Officers then returned to the car and there found that the front driver’s side window had been broken and there was a brick in the front passenger seat.  Officers recovered two screwdrivers from the suspect along with a box-cutter.  The suspect was placed under arrest and during transport to the station told officers that he had called his parents to pick him up but no one would. The suspect went on to tell officers that he offered his friends $50 to take home to Hyde Park but none of his friends would take him home.

The suspect, Joessy Cardona-Rivera, 24 of Hyde Park was arrested and charged Attempted Larceny of a Motor Vehicle, Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle, Malicious Destruction of Property, and Possession of Burglarious Tools.