District E-5 Installs 9 New Crosswalk Deliniators Along West Roxbury Business District

E5 Advisory Council President, Tom Dougherty, and council member and WR business owner Jerry Nasif teamed together to help purchase and install 9 crosswalk delineators in crosswalks along the business district in WR.  Due to the recent incidents of pedestrians hit in crosswalks in the past year the Advisory Council sought ideas from the members of the council to help alleviate this problem. After discovering that the delineators were $200 a piece, Tom & Jerry began educating and raising funds from the WR business owners to help purchase them for the crosswalks without a stoplight.  They were able to collect funds for 12 delineators.  On Friday June 25, 2010 Mayor Menino, Commissioner Davis, Deputy Baston, Captain Hasson, officers from E5, the business owners who donated, and members from the community met at Sugar bakery to thank Tom, Jerry, and those who donated.