At about 5:38pm, on Sunday, May 23, 2010, officers from Area C-11 (Dorchester) responded to a radio call for an armed robbery in the area of Westville and Topliff Streets. On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who stated that an individual approached him, gestured in such a way as if to suggest he was in possession of a firearm and stated, “Get off the bike or I’m gonna pop you.” At this point, the victim says he got off the bike and gave it up to the suspect. Officers promptly broadcast a description of the suspect over the police radio. In short time, officers were able to locate an individual who looked like the suspect. 

While the suspect was being detained, the victim was brought to the scene. Once on scene, the victim looked at the suspect and stated, “That’s him.” 

Officers arrested Stefan Pires, 20, of Boston and charged him with Armed Robbery.


At about 3:37am, on Monday, May 24, 2010, officers from Area D-14 (Brighton) were on patrol when they observed an individual in the area of Everett and Lincoln Streets carrying and concealing a large item under his shirt. When officers approached, the individual began to take off in a hurried fashion. Upon catching up to the individual, officers noted the individual was in possession of a large glass jar containing a large amount of change (coins). When asked how he came to possess the jar, the suspect stated that he had just left his girlfriend’s place and she was the one who gave him the jar. Not completely convinced, officers asked the suspect if they could speak to his girlfriend. When officers arrived at the girlfriend’s house, the suspect rang the doorbell. When the door was answered, the person answering the door stated not only was the girlfriend not at home, but the suspect wasn’t allowed to see her. When officers asked the suspect to explain, the suspect confessed that he saw the ex-girlfriend with another guy. It made him upset so he entered her apartment and stole the jar filled with change.

Officers arrested Jake Snider, 28, of Boston and charged him with Unarmed Breaking & Entering.      


At about 2:05am, on Sunday May 23, 2010, officers from Area E-13 (Jamaica Plain) were on patrol in the area of Washington and McBride Streets when they observed a white male (wearing blue jeans and a plaid sweater) urinating in front of 3500 Washington Street. Due to the suspect’s inability to locate a proper urinal, approximately 50 to 75 civilians, who were in the process of exiting the Midway Cafe, were able to witness his actions. As a result, officers exited their marked cruiser and instructed the male to stop urinating. As officers approached, the suspect took off on foot. In short time, however, the same individual returned to the scene acting as if he done nothing wrong. When officers recognized the suspect and approached him, the suspect began to verbally abuse the officers. Specifically, the suspect kept yelling, “Stop harassing me.” When told to lower his voice, the suspect refused. 

Officers arrested Ryan Hurley, 27, of Boston and charged him with Open & Gross Lewdness and Disorderly Conduct.