Officers Rescue Suicidal Man Off of Rooftop but Land in Hospital as a Result

Last night around 11:11PM, officers from District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) responded to 76 Atherton St. in Jamaica Plain to assist E.M.S.  with a person in the bathroom attempting to harm himself.

On arrival, officers assisted by other agencies, EMS, Boston Fire and Northeastern PD, responded to the fourth floor and awaited the arrival of a master key to gain access to the apartment. Other officers, in the interim, made their way to the third floor and then climbed onto the outer ladder to gain access to the fourth floor roof. Having gained access to the roof which was in absolute darkness, officers, firefighters and EMS personnel observed a male at the edge of the roof exclaiming to that he wanted to kill himself.  It should also be noted that the suspect was holding an unknown object in his hands at this time. Officers slowly approached the suicidal male who was bleeding from a wound to his right arm and head while talking to him. Officers and other first responded, once near the suspect attempted to subdue him and remove him from the edge of the roof. A violent struggle ensued between the male and officers and finally the male was subdued and removed from the edge of the roof.  The male victim had to be removed from the roof with the aid of a Boston Fire Tower, and transported to a local hospital for medical and psychological evaluation.

During the struggle, one of the officers suffered a large human bite to the forearm which resulted in a sizeable piece of flesh being removed from his arm.  Another officer sustained a shoulder injury during the struggle.