Commendation for the District C-11 Drug Unit

On May 13 a Commissioner’s Commendation and Unit Citation was awarded to the District C-11 Drug Unit for their exceptional efforts. 

 In the first four months of 2010 the District C-11 Drug Unit has had a significant impact in reducing the drug and firearm violence on District C-11.  The Unit has made 82 arrests for all classes of drugs, executed 12 search warrants and seized over $20,000. Most importantly the unit has recovered and seized 16 firearms so far in 2010.   In 2009, they made 226 arrests, executed 62 search warrants and recovered 24 firearms.

 The unit continues to target both impact players as well as the drug houses in the neighborhoods that upset and erode the day to day lives of the law abiding citizens who reside there.   Recently the Unit conducted a search warrant in Dorchester seizing crack cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, and a .38 caliber revolver.  This location had been the source of numerous community complaints to District 11’s Community Service Office, Crimestoppers, and local elected officials.

 The C-11 Drug Unit consistently works to improve the quality of life for the residents of Dorchester while working in partnership with the patrol and detective units at C-11 and other units within the BPD.  Nothing improves a neighborhood more than eradicating that one house that through drug dealing wreaks havoc on a neighborhood.