Nine Individuals Arrested for the Beating of a Mentally Challenged Teen

On Monday, May 10, 2010, at approximately 4:41pm, Boston Police Officers assigned out of Area C-11 (Dorchester), responded to the area of Parkman Street in Dorchester for a report of a large group fighting.

Upon arriving in the area, officers were flagged down by two individuals. One of the parties was identified as the victim and the other was learned to be an independent witness.

Officers spoke with the victim and observed him to be visibly upset (crying), having difficulty breathing and redness around his face and head. He informed the officers that he had just been beaten by approximately ten (10) males. He stated he knew them and they didn’t like him. The officers noticed that the victim was possibly of diminished capacity and inquired. The victim replied that he was ‘slow and challenged’.

The witness informed officers that he was within his home when he heard ‘awful screams’ coming from Parkman Street. The witness looked in that direction and observed the victim curled up on the ground getting kicked and punched by a large group of approximately ten (10) black males. The witness went on to state that all the parties were involved in the beating.

The officers immediately put out a description for the wanted suspects and numerous C-11 units converged on the area. Shortly thereafter a large group was located on Parkman Street and detained.

Both victim and witness positively identified all of the detained parties as the people responsible for his beating.

Officers arrested the following parties:

A black male juvenile (15), from Dorchester

A black male juvenile (16), from Dorchester

Dillon Copeland, (17), black male, from Dorchester

Aldane Hall, (21), black male, from Dorchester

Stephen Goss, (18), black male, from Dorchester

Jahsia Solomon, (18), black male, from Dorchester

Markees Finklea-Sonlyen, (17), black male, from Dorchester

Johnny Clark Jr., (20), black male, from Dorchester

Trevon Campbell, (17), black male, from Dorchester

The Juveniles were charged with Juvenile Delinquency – Assault & Battery on a Mentally Retarded Person (Felony) and Juvenile Delinquency – Assault & Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (shod foot).

The adult perpetrators were charged with Assault & Battery on a Mentally Retarded Person and Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (shod foot).

The victim was treated on-scene and is only being described as 19 year-old male from the Boston area.