Lieutenant Long\’s Letter

Dear Survivor(s):

On behalf of the Boston Police Department I, would like to extend our deepest sympathy for the tragic loss of your loved one. We are sensitive to your concerns and understand the wide spread impact this tragedy has on grieving survivors, family members and friends. This violent act has forever linked your family and our department in a shared outcome to obtaining answers so that justice can prevail.

Our objective is to follow an orderly and lawful approach to obtaining information that will contribute to an effective investigation. The facts and circumstances leading to and resulting in your loved ones death is our primary goal. During the investigation we are committed to providing you with effective service as we move forward. Please be cautious that we cannot predict, nor control, the outcome of an investigation. As homicide investigators, we are limited by the willingness of witnesses to provide us with information as it becomes obtained that is accurate and truthful. Our dedication as a law enforcement agency is to identify the person, or persons responsible for the death of your loved one and to ultimately bring them before a court of law for their actions. I ask that you join us in reaching this crucial goal.

I would also encourage you to direct all persons that may have information about this crime and/or persons who may possibly be involved to contact my office (BPD-Homicide Unit) at 617-343-4470. All information or questions pertaining to your case should be directed to the investigative team assigned to your case. Our investigators are responsive to family inquiries and will maintain communication upon significant developments. Please be aware that at times we may have certain information that cannot be shared for the good of the investigation. Unless you have had direct communication with your investigator(s) or advocate(s) regarding the case, please be advised that all other sources of information are not official and may be inaccurate.

If you are interested in resources that may be available to you, please feel free to contact Family Resource Police Officer Marivelle Crespo at (617) 343-5543 and/or Victim/Witness Advocate Ms. Gina Patterson at (617) 343-6512 both work closely with investigators as well as advocate for survivors. In closing, please accept my personal condolences and my assurance that the investigators assigned to my unit are among some of the most sincere and dedicated individuals in public service.


Gregory P. Long
Lieutenant Detective
Commander, Homicide Unit