Happy Mothers Day

The BPD currently employs 281 female police officers – 13% of the sworn workforce.  In addition, we employ 561 female civilian employees (including crossing guards) – 71% of the civilian workforce.  Many these women are mothers, and some of them are in fact mother/daughter.  The tradition of policing running in families is not just a male phenomenon.  There are many mother/daughter duos currently on the job or working as civilians all over the City. 

Take for example Police Officers Dalia Adorno and Ayesha Lawton.  Officer Adorno is a 14 year veteran, currently assigned to the Crime Scene Response Unit, while her daughter Ayesha Lawton is an officer with the School Police Unit.  Dalia has 2 daughters and one son.  Ayesha, a 4 year veteran, also has 2 daughters and one son, and her husband is an officer in District C11.  Like many mothers and daughters, they wear the same size and borrow each others clothes.  But in this case, they can also borrow each others uniforms. 

 Both Officers find it very rewarding to help people, enjoy the challenge and teamwork of policing, and appreciate the opportunity to be positive role models.  This Sunday, like many mothers and daughters, they will have brunch together.  Then in the afternoon Officer Adorno will report for her tour of duty at BPD Headquarters.

\"\"The BPD would like to take this opportunity to wish all mothers everywhere a very happy Mothers Day!