Officers Arrest Purse Snatching Suspect – Take #2

On April 23, 2010, at approximately 10:51pm, Boston Police Officers assigned out of Area C-11 (Dorchester), were patrolling the area of Dorchester Avenue @ Lyon Street when a visibly upset female was observed on the corner crying.  

The officer stopped in order to investigate the matter further. The officer was also greeted by the female’s son who informed him that she had just been robbed of her purse. The officer was informed that the female was walking on Dorchester Avenue when she was approached by an unknown black male. He then took hold of her purse and attempted to pull it from her hands. The victim began to scream and the suspect then covered her mouth with his hand and pushed her to the ground. The victim struck her head on the pavement and the suspect was able to flee with her purse.

The victim and her son were able to supply a description of the suspect to the officer and he immediately broadcast it out to other responding units. A perimeter of the general area was then established.

Shortly thereafter, a male suspect fitting the description was observed exiting a driveway on Lyon Street. An officer gave chase as the suspect fled on foot through back yards and over a fence.

Officers were able to apprehend the suspect on Hecla Street after he was observed attempting to hide behind a tree.

Officers were able to locate the victim’s purse in the area of the driveway the suspect was first observed exiting.

Both parties were able to positively identify the suspect and he was placed into custody. Officers arrested Thomas Washington, 43 of Dorchester on the charges of Unarmed Robbery and Assault & Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon.