Four Arrested for Vandalism to Cars

This morning around 12:09AM, officers from District D-14 (Allston) responded to a radio call for several males vandalizing cars along Ashford Street.
While en route, officers were advised that the caller was following the four suspects down Ashford Street, and the suspects were described as being in their early twenties, wearing dark suit jackets and white shorts with one suspects wearing a t-shirt and white shorts. Based on that information, officers proceeded down Commonwealth Ave. in an attempt to locate the four suspects. While traveling down Commonwealth Ave. officers arrived at the intersection of Commonwealth Ave. and Babcock and observed four males matching the suspects’ description getting in a cab. Officers effected a traffic stop of the cab and while doing so, the Operation dispatcher provided a license plate of a cab given to the dispatcher by the caller which coincided with the cab stopped by officers.

Officers spoke to the caller who reported to them that he had observed the suspects as they were attempting to break car windows, kick cars and trying to open car doors in an attempt to vandalize the cars. Officers found another witness who pointed out eighteen different cars that the suspects had attempted to vandalize with several of the cars bearing evidence of the suspects’ actions by virtue of holes in the window, and dents caused from being kicked.

The four suspects, were all arrested and charged with two counts of malicious Destruction of Property and Attempted Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle.