On March 27, 2010, at approximately 5:21am, Boston Police Officers assigned out of Area C-11 (Dorchester), responded to 1130 Dorchester Avenue – JJ’s Irish Pub, for a report of a Breaking & Entering in progress.

The reporting party observed an individual approach the establishment from the rear and then heard a series of noises. The caller believed the individual was attempting to kick in the rear door of the pub. The concerned neighbor immediately phoned the Boston Police Department and reported his observations.

C-11 units quickly responded and surrounded the building. Officers approached the rear of the building on foot and could hear various noises believed to be someone attempting to kick in the door. Officers called out to the individual and ordered him to the ground. They then observed the suspect to drop a pry bar to the ground.

Nearby, a shopping cart was observed that the suspect admitted was his. Officers located several tools often utilized by thieves to gain entry into buildings. They found a saw, bolt cutters, a hammer, a long screwdriver and a pair of gloves.

Officers arrested Dennis Reddy, 57, of Dorchester on the charges of Attempted Breaking & Entering, Possession of Bulgarious Tools & Trespassing.