About 2:41pm, 3/24/10, officers on patrol in the Grove Hall section of Roxbury while traveling inbound on Blue Hill Avenue observed the two suspicious individuals at the bus stop at Devon Street. Officers spoke with one of the suspects and noticed he was talking quickly and appeared nervous, looking up and down Blue Hill Avenue several times, avoiding eye contact with officers, and breathing heavy. At this point officers exited their cruiser and asked the male suspect if he had any identification on him. The suspect stated he had an ID in his left pants pocket and began to retrieve it. Due to the defendant\’s behavior the officer informed the suspect that he would pat frisk him first and then he could retrieve his ID. While pat frisking the suspect\’s overcoat, the officer felt a small hard object believed to be a firearm above the left front pocket. The officer alerted his fellow officer and the suspect then stated \”That\’s a gun, I found it on the street.\” Officers then attempted to handcuff the suspect who stiffened his body, attempted to pull away from officers and ignored officers\’ commands to place his hands behind his back. The suspect was then taken to the ground as he continued to resist officers\’ attempts to handcuff him and retrieve the firearm. During this struggle, a small silver pistol fell from an inside left pocket of the suspect’s overcoat onto the sidewalk. Another officer picked the weapon up due to the large crowd that had gathered and individuals were filming and yelling at officers. A sergeant arrived on scene and requested additional units to assist in controlling the hostile crowd. Once in custody, an officer asked for the suspect\’s license to carry a firearm the suspect stated \”I ain\’t got one of those\”.  

The suspect, Gamard Talleyrand, 21, of Brooklyn, NY was taken into custody.  Officers also recovered one small plastic bag containing a green herb like substance believed to be marijuana from the defendant\’s left shirt pocket and two similar bags in his right rear pants pocket.   He will be charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Unlawful Possession of Class D Drugs, and Resisting Arrest.