On Tuesday, March 23, 2010, at approximately 3:44pm, Boston Police Officers, assigned to Area C-11 (Dorchester), responded to 217 Adams Street (Citizens Bank), for a report of a bank robbery in progress.

Officers arrived on-scene and spoke with bank staff members and learned the suspect fled on foot prior to their arrival. Officers immediately obtained a detailed description of the suspect and broadcast it to other BPD officers that were searching the immediate area in order to obtain the suspect.

Officers learned that a white-male entered the bank, approached one of the teller’s and passed a noted that demanded money. The male suspect obtained an undisclosed amount of United States Currency and fled the bank of foot. He was last seen taking a right on Adams Street.

Officers set up a perimeter of the area and conducted a thorough search. Through the officers training and experience, they were aware that perpetrators of crime often utilize public transportation to flee the area of the crime. This also enables them to blend into the community so it is difficult for law enforcement to locate them.

With this in mind, officers traveled to the Fields Corner MBTA station to search for the suspect. An officer observed an individual fitting the description walking up and down the outbound platform. The officer continued to monitor the suspect until additional units arrived. The officer noticed the suspect appeared to breathing heavy and was avoiding eye contact. Once additional officers arrived, they approached the suspect. Seeing the oncoming police presence, the suspect began walking towards the exit. Officers called out to the suspect and asked to speak with him. The suspect refused to stop and stated, “In a minute”.

The officers were forced to stop the suspect and a violent struggle ensued. Several officers assisted and were able to handcuff the suspect. A bank employee was transported to the location of the suspect and positively identified him as the person who robbed the bank. A sum of money, consistent with the amount taken from the bank, was located in the suspect’s pocket as well as the “demand note”.Officers arrested Magdy Wasif, 41, of Boston on the charges of Bank Robbery (unarmed). Mr. Wasif is due to be arraigned in Dorchester District Court on Wednesday, March 24, 2010.