Crime Scene Response Unit Receives Unit Citation

On March 4th Commissioner Davis awarded a Unit Citation to the Crime Scene Response Unit (CSRU) for their dedicated efforts.  The mission of the CSRU is to efficiently, effectively and professionally process crime scenes in order to provide responding officers, investigators and prosecutors with the highest quality evidence identification, documentation and collection possible.  The existence of the CSRU allows investigators to focus on other equally critical aspects of investigations, such as canvassing for potential witnesses, interviews and interrogations.

 Since early 2006, when the CSRU became operational, it has continually strived to accomplish its mission 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Members of the CSRU use the latest techniques and equipment available to them in the field of forensic investigations. 

 Since its inception, members of the CSRU have:

  • Received over 40,000 hours of training in various forensic disciplines in furtherance of the recognition, documentation and collection of evidence at crime scenes
  • Processed over 300 homicide scenes
  • Participated in the execution of over 300 search warrants
  • Photographically documented over 300 autopsies. 
  • Processed booking identity verifications for over 98,000 arrestees

 Members of the Crime Scene Response Unit apply themselves to their tasks with a unit philosophy of pursuing excellence in everything that they do.