Frat Party Lands Ten in Jail for Underage Drinking and Disturbing the Peace

Last night around 12:50AM, officers from District D-14 (Allston/Brighton) arrested suspects,

1)      Tyler J. Higgins, 20, of Newton,

2)      Pablo M. Fuentes, 18 of Boston,

3)      Rishi M. Melwani, 19, of Boston,

4)      Julian I. Hart, 20 of Newbury,

5)      Andrew C. Farrell, 19, of Boston,

6)      Benjamen  J. Boyd, 18 of Boston,

7)      Qaasim H. Ahmed, 18 of Boston,

8)       James J. Paduano, 20 of Greenlawn, NY,

9)      Patrick S. Ferrell, 19, of Boston and 

10)   Christopher J. Battaglia, 18, of Boston

and charged them with being Minors in Possession of Alcohol and Disturbing the Peace.

Around 12:50AM, officers responded to a radio call at 16 Ashford St. in Allston for a loud party call around 12:50. Officers, aware that this location is a problem for the district because of the number of calls to this house in the past and the unruly nature of these parties, opted for a different type of response. Officers in the past have had residents slam doors on their face, and or have residents fail to answer the door once officers responded.

Officers, last night, sent a plain-clothes officer after receiving numerous calls from area residents. The officer was invited into the party and inside that address observed 75-100 partygoers, many of whom were underage drinking from red plastic cups. The officers observed alcohol being freely distributed without regard to age with a “beer pong” in the basement. The officer further made note that this house was an active Boston University frat house belonging to Chi Pi. The officer also noted evidence of drug use in the house, namely a glass bong with marijuana residue in plain view.

After observing the above, the plain clothes officer opened the door for fellow officers who were able to enter and disperse the large crowd of partygoers some of who were able to flee.  Many of the guests that were rounded up were under the influence of alcohol despite being under the legal drinking and they were subsequently placed under arrest and charged with the above noted offenses.