On Friday, January 15, 2010, at approximately 12:31am, Boston Police Officers assigned out of Area B-3 (Mattapan), were called to145 Ormont Street, Mattapan for a report of two young children left home unattended.

Officers arrived on-scene and located the children’s uncle / caller who stated he received a phone call from his Eleven (11) year-old niece who informed him that her mother had left the apartment around 11:00pm. The child went on to inform her uncle that she and her Two (2) year-old brother were home alone. The uncle immediately proceeded over to care for the children and phoned the police.

Officers arrived on-scene and called Boston EMS in order to evaluate the young children. The kids were found to be in good health. While speaking with individuals within the apartment, Officers observed an open and somewhat consumed bottle of rum on the kitchen counter.

While officers conducted their preliminary investigating, the children’s mother came home. One of the officers noticed a red “X” marked on the back of one of her hands. The officer recognized this “X” to be consistent with markings given to patrons in order to gain entry into nightclubs. The mother was asked what the “X” was and she replied, “Just a mark”.

Officers notified the Department of Children and Families regarding the incident. It was decided to leave the children with the mother until a complete investigation can be completed. The mother informed officers that if the children needed anything they could contact the landlord that lives upstairs.

The mother was identified as Deniquaa Ellison, 29, of Mattapan.