Superintendent Bruce A. Holloway

Superintendent Bruce A. Holloway
Chief, Bureau of Investigative Services

\"\"Superintendent Holloway was appointed to the Boston Police Department in May of 1979. After working in various districts throughout the city he was assigned to the Community Disorders Unit in 1982 where in addition to earning a Detective’s Rating (June 1984) he would spend the next five years investigating bias-related incidents and crimes in which citizens\’ civil rights had been infringed upon by violence, threats or harassment. In May 1987 Det. Holloway was assigned to the Homicide Unit where he conducted homicide investigations. In April of 1992, he was promoted to Sergeant and was re-assigned to the Community Disorders Unit where he was rated a Sergeant Detective.

In January of 1993, he was assigned to the District Attorney’s Office and in June 1997, he was appointed Commander of the District Attorney’s Office, Special Investigations Unit.

In November 2002 he was appointed Unit Commander of the Fraud and Fugitive Units where he would serve until September 2005 when he was appointed Deputy Superintendent assigned to the Bureau of Field Services, Citywide Night Command.

In February 2007, he was promoted to the rank of Superintendent where he served as the Departments Chief Hearings Officer where he was responsible for ruling on pre- and post-hearing motions and conducting pre-hearing conferences and disciplinary trial boards. In addition to his position as Chief Hearings Officer, Superintendent Holloway was charged with overseeing the Auditing and Review Unit where he performed periodic audits of specific functions within the Department.

In July of 2007, Superintendent Holloway was appointed Chief of the Bureau of Investigative Services overseeing the Major Case Division, the Criminal Investigations Division, and the Forensic Group. Superintendent Holloway has received numerous awards throughout his 30 – year career. A lengthy list of commendations began in 1983 with a Commissioner’s Special Citation, followed by the Walter Scott Medal of Honor, the Boston Police Department Medal of Honor and the Boston Police Relief Association Memorial Award. In 1986 he was awarded the International Association of Chiefs of Police Officer of the Year Award along with the George L. Hanna Medal of Honor and the American Legion Law and Order Award, Officer of the Year. In addition to extensive professional training, Superintendent Holloway has attended the FBI National Academy and the PERF Senior Management Institute for Police.