On Wednesday, January 13, 2009, at approximately 12:20am, Boston Police Officers, assigned out of Area C-11 (Dorchester), received a call from the Massachusetts State Police stating they had just received a 911 call from a woman crying requesting help. The State Police traced the incoming number and it showed it was coming from 95 Topliff Street, Dorchester.

BPD C-11 Officers responded to 95 Topliff Street and knocked on all the doors of the building looking for the female caller. Numerous residents of the building were spoken to and officers were unable to locate the caller.

At approximately 1:39am, The Boston Police Department again received a phone call from the Massachusetts State Police regarding the same female caller. The BPD was informed that the caller stated she was at 39 Topliff Street, Dorchester before the call was terminated.

C-11 (Dorchester) officers responded to 35 Topliff Street and entered the first floor common hallway. Officers then knocked on the first floor apartment door to which it was opened by a shirtless black male. Through the open door, a crying black female was observed standing behind the male. She informed officers, “that’s him…he hit and kicked me.” Officers entered the apartment and ordered the suspect to step away from the female. The suspect became enraged and approached the female with clinched fists and stated, “&#@* that…I didn’t touch you.” The officers then took hold of the suspect to prevent the female from being assaulted further. The officers also noticed the female was obviously pregnant. They later learned that she was six months pregnant with the suspect’s unborn baby.

Officers then attempted to place the suspect into custody on the Domestic Assault & Battery charge when a violent struggle ensued. The suspect continued to reach at his waistband and stated, “I’m not going to jail, shoot me!” While attempting to handcuff the suspect, he smashed his head through the glass window. The suspect was attempting to jump through the window and got out as far as his mid-section. Additional officers arrived on scene and stood below the window in case the suspect was able to break free from the officers holding him in. The suspect yelled to the officers below, “Shoot me, shoot me!”

Officers were able to pull the suspect back into the room and place him into custody. A silver handgun was then removed from the suspect’s waistband. It was later determined that the firearm was a replica and not a functional firearm.

Officers learned that the suspect is the father of the victim’s four children and they were celebrating the birthday of one of the kids throughout the day. At one point, the suspect became angry and violent towards the victim. His anger progressed to the point of the victim being punched and kicked. It should be noted that all four children were present during the altercation(s). The victim attempted to phone the police several times but the suspect continued to take the phone from her and remove the battery. The suspect removed his belt and struck the victim several times and refused to allow her to leave the apartment.

The victim was treated by Boston EMS and transported to Brigham’s and Woman’s Hospital. The victim and her unborn baby are expected to make a full recovery.

Officers arrested Jerry Lewis Blue, 29 of Roxbury on the charges of Aggravated Assault & Battery (on a pregnant person), Willful & Malicious Destruction of Property and Resisting Arrest.


Individuals utilizing their cellular phones to call 911 in emergency situations should be aware that the call goes directly to the Massachusetts State Police.

With this in mind, you should know where you are at all times and this information should be relayed to the Trooper your speaking with.

Precise information such as your exact location (street address, apartment number and town or city) may dramatically increase a police response.