C6 Captain Evans\’ Message

South Boston is one of the safest areas in the City of Boston to live and work. This is due to the tremendous partnership the Boston Police of District Six have in working with residents, non-profit organizations, local elected officials, and civic organizations to make it so.  We have joined forces to work cooperatively to prevent and solve crime in our community.  We recognize that while our crime rate is low compared with other areas of the city, if you are the victim of crime your perspective changes.  Crime prevention is our goal at District Six.  We urge all citizens to do their part in preventing crime. Make sure your valuables are as secure as possible, whether in your home, or automobile. Make sure in your homes, your doors and locks are as strong as you can make them. Lock your car doors, and remove valuables from your car when parked. Be vigilant in your neighborhood, be aware of suspicious activity.  Call 911.

Drug abuse drives many crimes, if you suspect drug dealing, you can call anonymously to our drug control squad at District Six. We depend upon you to be our eyes and ears. Become involved in your community; join with other residents in your local civic association to help to deal with quality of life issues impacting the neighborhood. We work together with civic associations in our Neighborhood Advisory Council monthly meetings at District Six to address crime and quality of life issues. Our Community Service Office at District Six is available to handle specific instances of chronic quality of life concerns, as well as provide community outreach and engagement with various activities, such as the innovative Boston Police Tennis Program in partnership with the Sportsmen Tennis Club of Boston started by District Six\’s Officer Frank Williams, soon to be a national model of Police/youth engagement.  We help support St Vincent\’s award winning CYO basketball teams with Joe Curran from our community service staff. We help support a bowling league, a fishing club and various activities to engage our youth.

The Boston Police Department is encouraging all officers, from commanders to police officers, to make time during their tour of duty to walk the streets, to build trust and relationships with the community, and to get to know residents and businesses. We at District Six will do our part to walk the streets when time allows from calls for service. You will see me almost daily walking for some portion of the day on the streets of South Boston with members of my Community Service staff, feel free to say hello, and let me know what is happening.  There have been a lot of changes in South Boston over the years, but it still remains \”God\’s Country\”, and my challenge, working together with the community, is to keep it that way. Thank you for the privilege of being the commander of your Boston Police District Six.

Captain Richard Evans
Commanding Officer
Boston Police District Six
101 West Broadway
South Boston, Ma. 02127