Suspect Arrested for Car-Jacking Attempt on Off-Duty Officer

Last night around 11:59PM, an off duty officer passing through Quincy Street in Dorchester arrested suspect, Steven Pizarro, 27, of Dorchester and charged him with Attempted Carjacking.

The off-duty officer was driving with a friend in the passenger side when he observed the suspect walking alongside the right side of his car. As the suspect got closer to the car, the off-duty officer’s passenger exclaimed “Lock the doors, lock the doors!” The officer immediately turned around and observed the suspect open the right rear door to his car and get in the car with his left inside his coat pocket as if armed with a weapon.

The off-duty officer, fearing for his life and safety and that of his passenger immediately turned around and pulled out his weapon and pointed it at the suspect and ordered the suspect not to move and to show his hands. The off-duty officer then got on his police radio and requested assistance from district officers.

The suspect, once in custody, kept saying that he didn’t mean to do it and that he thought it was his friend’s car. A pat down of the suspect revealed that he was not in possession of any weapons.