Southie Residents Chase Down Armed Robbers

On Wednesday, December 2, 2009, at approximately 8:55pm, Boston Police Officers, assigned out of Area C-6 (South Boston), were called to the area of East 2nd Street for a report of an armed robbery. Responding officers learned that the two black male suspects were currently being chased by area residents.

Officers arrived in the area and located a female victim who stated she was walking on East Broadway when she was approached by two black males from behind. One of the black males took hold of her purse and attempted to pull it off her shoulder. The victim initially refused to let go and began to scream. The two struggled and the suspect stated, “Let go or I’ll cut you.” The victim informed officers that she observed the suspect to be holding a large knife in his hand while he made the threat. The suspect was able to gain control of the victim’s purse and the two suspects fled towards L Street.

Two area residents heard the woman’s screams for help and observed the two suspects fleeing. They pursued the fleeing suspects and were able to apprehend one of them on East 3rd Street. Officers then obtained and broadcast a description of the second suspect to other BPD units. Shortly thereafter, a BPD Officer working a detail at the South Bay Mall, observed an individual fitting the description of the second suspect. The suspect was stopped and detained. The officer found a large knife in his possession. The victim was able to positively identify both suspects as the individuals who robbed her.

Officers arrested Kevin Stichel, 20, of Dorchester and a 13 year-old male from Roxbury on the charges of Armed Robbery.