E-5 Captain\’s Message

Welcome to the E-5 district page! Creating and maintaining relationships among community members and District E-5 officer’s remains to be the objective in achieving successful neighborhood policing. Building such relationships enables community organizations, youth, neighborhood crime watch groups, local businesses, elderly, and District E-5 officer’s to work collectively to protect the neighborhoods in West Roxbury and Roslindale. One of E5’s advisory board’s objectives is to open up lines of communication that allow for information sharing and relationship building. It is our belief that when the stakeholders of our community share concerns a level of trust is created and buttressed by effective issue resolution or minimization. At E5 we work very hard to develop an environment that allows these partnerships to flourish.
Youth Officers work hand-in-hand with the local community centers to organize programs that provide the local youth members with positive activities. During the summer Youth Officers planned trips to Six Flags, Canobie Lake Park, and Water Country. They also assisted parents in locating camps for children to attend during the summer months. Throughout the Fall and Winter the officers run a Flag Football League with games held on Saturday mornings. This past Spring several “Cops vs. Kids” Softball Game/Cookouts were held with local community groups. Creating these programs not only presents local youth the opportunity to make responsible choices, it enables positive relationships to be created between youth and law enforcement.

With the addition of the new Elderly Affairs officer, the West Roxbury and Roslindale seniors–or “Mature Residents” as they like to be called—have been given a voice within the department. District E-5 has one of the largest elderly populations in the city. This population is highly susceptible to crime, especially that of fraud. Outreach to the elderly community via monthly crime watch meetings, weekly visits, and guest speaking at elderly events by the Elderly Affairs officer has created an awareness of the problem and therefore has helped alleviated the fraud. In addition to reducing crime, the Elderly Service officer assists the elder members of the community partake in recreational activities. With weekly walking groups to Castle Island the members of senior housing facilities in District 5 were able to visit and enjoy one of the city’s greatest pastimes…..Sully’s and the sugarbowl!

Though overall crime statistics are down in District 5 there are still issues of concern. Breaking and Entering in motor vehicles is one the most common offense within the District. Vehicles containing portable GPS systems have been targeted, particularly during late hours. Most often car doors are not locked allowing easy access. Community Service Officers have created flyers to inform residents of the crime and spread the word via the Citizen Observer and at crime watch meetings- again communicating with and informing our residents of our most current crime concerns. Also, our Officers have been instructed to address the issue of pedestrian safety by educating drivers and pedestrians on how to safely go about their business as well as the Officers enforcing motor vehicular laws. All of these initiatives and interactions highlighted on this page are but a few of the many that create a very safe and livable neighborhood for the residents of the Parkway.


Captain James Hasson

Commanding Officer – District E-5