Stolen Car Suspect Pulls Knife on Officers

On Monday, October 26, 2009, at approximately 6:30pm, a female walked into the Roxbury District (B-2) to report her vehicle was stolen. She went on to inform officers that she had let her boyfriend use it approximately three days ago and he has refused to return it. She then supplied officers with his name and description of her vehicle. She stated he could be located in her car at the intersection of Clifford Street at Blue Hill Avenue. She observed him there several minutes earlier on the way to the police station.

A broadcast of the vehicle and suspect was then given and officers proceeded to the area of Clifford Street. Upon arrival, Officers immediately recognized the vehicle and a black male subject fitting the description of the suspect male. While approaching, the black male exited the vehicle and fled on foot on Fairbury Street. A search of the area produced negative results.

Officers were met by the vehicle’s owner back at the car and awaited a tow truck for the suspect fled with the car keys. While waiting, the victim received a phone call from the suspect who stated he would return the keys for Forty-Dollars. The officer then spoke with the suspect over the phone and informed him he would not being receiving any money for the keys and urged him to return them. Several minutes later, a young girl walked towards the officers and the vehicle’s owner with the car keys in hand.

The officer immediately walked in the direction the young girl was seen coming from and observed the suspect on Fairbury Street. The suspect was confronted and stated, “I didn’t steal it…I just drove it!” The officer called for additional units to respond while he investigated the matter further. Upon hearing the oncoming sirens the suspect became nervous and stated, “I’m not getting arrest.” The officer was forced to step in front of the suspect in order to prevent him from leaving. The suspect then pushed the officer causing him to fall backwards. The two then began to struggle. Another officer arrived and attempted to place the suspect into custody. The suspect continued to resist arrest and attempted to punch both officers. The suspect then pulled out a knife and swung it towards the officers and stated, “I’m going to take one of you mother %&*@#$ with me!” Officers stepped back, removed their firearms and ordered the suspect to drop the knife. The suspect immediately placed the knife to his own throat and stated, “I’ll do it…I’ll do it!” Officers attempted to convince the suspect to drop the knife to no avail. Numerous units arrived on-scene to assist. After several minutes of attempting to negotiate with the suspect a decision was made to discharge a non-lethal bean bag round at the suspect in order to prevent him from hurting himself or officers. The discharge proved to be successful for the suspect dropped the knife after being struck and officers were able to place him into custody. He was then transported to Boston Medical Center for an evaluation. He was released shortly thereafter and transported to Area B-2 (Roxbury) for booking.

He was identified as Mark Tucker, 47, of Taunton. Mr. Tucker was charged with Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (knife), Resisting Arrest and Assault & Battery on a Police Officer (multiple counts).