On Saturday, October 24, 2004, Members of the Boston Police Department and FBI Boston Office were conducting “Operation Cross Country.” The purpose of this investigation is to locate and recover sexually exploited children as well as identifying and prosecuting their perpetrators.

At approximately 10:25pm, Officers acting in an undercover capacity phoned a number located on Craigslist that appeared to be an advertisement for prostitution. The undercover officer engaged in a conversation with a female who identified herself as Andrea. The female agreed to meet the undercover officer at a Boston Area hotel at approximately 11:30pm.

At approximately 11:30pm, officers conducting surveillance of the hotel’s parking lot observed a black Nissan Altima pull into the lot being operated by a white male. A black female then exited the vehicle and entered the hotel. The female then met with the undercover officer within the hotel and negotiated a price for sexual relations. The officer paid the female with a quantity of marked United States currency. The officer then informed the female that he could not go through with the act and asked her to leave. She complied and left the hotel with the marked money.

She entered the awaiting vehicle and they proceeded out of the area. A marked BPD cruiser then stopped the vehicle on Morrissey Boulevard.

Officers identified and arrested, Megan Edouard, 24, of Haverhill on the charges of Sex for a Fee. The operator of the vehicle was identified as John Doherty, 27, of Haverhill. He was arrested on the charges of Operating a Motor Vehicle after license revocation.