THROWING A PARTY AND PROVIDING THE BOOZE LANDS THREE IN POLICE CUSTODYAt about 1:20am, on Saturday, October 10, 2009, officers from Area B-2 (Roxbury) responded to a radio call for a loud party in the area of 43 Hillside Street. On arrival, officers heard and observed what appeared to be a loud party. Specifically, officers observed several people inside the location drinking from plastic red cups. Upon entering the location, officers observed approximately 15 to 20 individuals milling about and listening to music. Officers further observed several beer cans and red plastic cups strewn about the apartment. Officers also located several individuals hiding on the roof of the premise. Upon checking ids, officers discovered several individuals to be under the legal drinking age.
Officers arrested Mike Sissa, 20, of Boston, Derik Ulman, 19, of Boston and Dan Paresi, 19, of Boston and charged all three with Being Keepers of a Disorderly House and the Unlawful Possession of Alcohol.
At about 1:15am, on a rainy Saturday night, October 11, 2009, officers from Area D-14 (Brighton) were parked in an unmarked cruiser in the area of 1950 Beacon Street when an individual walked up to their car and bent back their windshield wipers so that that the wipers, while still in motion, were no longer in contact with the windshield. Officers quickly exited their cruiser, approached the suspect and displayed their badges while identifying themselves as police officers. While officers were in the process of identifying themselves, the suspect became less than polite and proceeded to berate and belittle the officers.
Given the suspect’s poor behavior, officers arrested Julien Collard-Seguin, 21, of Maine and charged him with Being a Disorderly Person.