OFFICER PERFORMING A PAID DETAIL ARRESTS SUSPECT FOR UNARMED ROBBERYAt approximately 12:45pm, on Tuesday, September 29, 2009, an officer performing a paid detail in the area of Brigham Circle responded to a radio call for a robbery in progress in the area of 724 Huntington Avenue. According to the broadcast of the call over the police radio, the suspect (described as a black male in his late 50’s, wearing a striped shirt and gray slacks) grabbed the victim’s wallet while inside the Mission Bar and fled toward Longwood Ave. As the officer performing the paid detail made his way towards the location of the incident, the officer spotted an individual matching the description of the suspect running in the area of 650 Huntington Ave. Upon seeing the suspect, the officer stopped the individual in an effort to ascertain his identity. While talking to the suspect, the officer noted that the suspect was holding money in his hands.
While the suspect was being detained by the detail officer, the victim was brought to the scene for the purposes of an identification. Once on scene, the victim positively identified the suspect.
According to the victim, she was having lunch inside the Mission Bar when the suspect grabbed her wallet and fled the location. According to witnesses, a bar employee ran after the suspect in an effort to recover the victim’s wallet. The bar employee observed the suspect board an MBTA bus, but when the suspect saw the employee, he quickly exited the bus and began running again.
Officers arrested Ronald Mack, 52, of Boston and charged him with Unarmed Robbery.