BOSTON POLICE AND HOSPITAL SECURITY PERSONNEL RESCUE MALE ATTEMPTING TO JUMP FROM PARKING GARAGE At about 6:45pm, on Friday, May 22, 2009, officers from Area A-1 (Downtown) responded to a radio call for a person looking to jump from the Wang Center parking garage located at 270 Tremont Street. On arrival, officers observed an individual, a Hispanic male in his 50’s, sitting with his legs over the edge of the parking garage’s 8th floor. When officers (a Boston Police officer and a Tufts Medical Center security officer) moved in to help the victim, the victim attempted to jump. When the victim attempted to jump, officers quickly moved in and grabbed the victim in such a way as to keep him from falling. Specifically, officers grabbed the victim by his hands and pulled him back to safety.
The victim was transported to Tufts Medical Center for evaluation purposes.
Officers Seize Firearm…Arrest one
On Friday, May 22, 2009, at approximately 9:25pm, officers from the Boston Police Youth Violence Strike Force were in the area of Bowdoin Street and Tovar Street when they observed a suspicious male. This immediate area is considered a high crime area related to firearms and other violent crimes as of late.
The plainclothes officers observed this individual walking on Bowdoin Street at a hurried pace towards a group of teenagers. Officers noted that the suspects left arm was freely swinging while his right arm was kept still, close to his side. Through the officers’ training and experience, the suspect’s actions indicated that he may be in possession of a firearm. Coupled with their knowledge of the area, it was decided to approach the group.
The officers engaged the group in conversation just as the suspect male arrived. Noticing the police presence, the suspect attempted to back away. The suspect was approached by one of the officers and noticed he was extremely nervous. His hands were shaking and had difficulty speaking. Fearing the suspect was armed, a pat-frisk was conducted. A hard object was detected in the suspects’ waistband. The officer then asked, “Is that a gun?” To which the suspect stated, “yeah.” Officers then retrieved a loaded .9mm semi-automatic firearm from the suspect.
Officers arrested Ian Percival, 17, of Quincy on the charges of Illegal Possession of a Firearm and Illegal Possession of Ammunition.
Off-Duty Female Officer Attacked
On Saturday, May 22, 2009, at approximately 11:24pm, an off-duty female officer was walking in the area of Claredon Street / Commonwealth Avenue when she heard a woman crying for help. The officer followed the woman’s voice to the basement stairwell of the first Baptist Church (110 Commonwealth Ave) and located a male and a female engaged in a fight. The officer identified herself as a Boston Police Officer and ordered the two to stop. At this time, both subjects attacked the officer by punching and biting her before fleeing. The female officer sustained facial injuries and was transported to Brigham & Womans Hospital for treatment.
Shortly thereafter, the female suspect was apprehended. She informed investigators of the males’ identity and a search for him ensued.
At approximately 6:45am, on May 23, 2009, the male suspect was observed walking on Newbury Street by a D-4 officer. The suspect was placed into custody.
Both defendants were charged with Assault & Battery on a Police Officer. They were identified as: Oscar Moore, 43, of Boston and Molly Jean Maynard, 29, of Brockton.