Double the Speed Limit Equals Double TroubleAround 10:31AM yesterday morning, a traffic enforcement officer from District C-11 (Dorchester) was monitoring traffic near the Gallivan Blvd. and Magdala St. intersection when he noted a motor vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. Specifically, the car was clocked operating at a speed of 59 MPH almost twice the posted speed limit of 30 MPH.
A traffic stop was conducted at which time the operator’s information was queried on the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), which revealed that the operator’s license to operate had been suspended since January. The operator, Ruben Malave, 41, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle with a suspended License and cited for Speeding.
Vigilant Officers Recovers Stolen Car with Suspect
Yesterday afternoon around 1:30PM, while on “routine patrol” an officer from District D-14 (Alston/Brighton) observed a car drive by with the passenger window smashed. Officers followed the car and conducted a traffic stop of the suspect car.
At the car stop, officers conducted a query of the car and determined that the car had been reported stolen since March 9 of this year. The operator went on to tell officers that he didn’t steal the car but had been driving it for the last two weeks but knew that the car was stolen. Further investigation revealed that the operator had no license to drive. Officers conducted inventory of the car and found that the car had very visible ignition damage. Consequently, the operator, Jonathan M. Fitzgerald, 17, of Brighton was arrested and charged with Receiving a Stolen Motor Vehicle and Operating a Motor Vehicle without Being Licensed.
Good Samaritans Assist in Arrest of Wallet Thief
Yesterday afternoon around 2:39PM, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) arrested suspect, Jameel Hakim, 55, of Roxbury and charged him with Trespassing, Larceny, Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon, Assault and Battery and Carrying a Knife with Blade Length Greater than Two and a Half Inches.
Officers were initially called to 50 Congress St. for a larceny in progress. On arrival, officers found the suspect being detained by a witness. Officers then spoke to the victim who reported that she was working in her office when she observed the suspect going through her purse. The victim questioned the suspect about his actions and he took off running. The victim then looked inside her purse and realized that her purse was missing and she ran after the suspect yelling, “stop that man!”
A witness, after hearing the victim’s cries for help, assisted the victim in chasing the suspect down the stairs, and into the lobby of the building. In the lobby, the suspect attempted to pull a knife from his waist but the witness stepped on it before the suspect could use it. The suspect then continued running until he was grabbed and restrained until officers arrived. A second witness recounted the same story to officers but told them that the suspect punched him while fleeing from the scene.
Officers were able to locate the victim’s wallet in the stairway that the suspect had fled and also the knife that he had dropped.
Alert Citizen Warns Officers of B&E in Progress
Last night around 6:53PM, officers from District B-2 were alerted about a possible breaking and entry in progress at 204 Warren St. in Roxbury. Specifically, a good citizen walked up to officers outside the district station and informed them that she had just observed a suspect crawling through the first floor of an apartment building at 204 Warren Street.
Officers immediately responded to the address and while en route broadcast the description and location of the incident. Other officers, familiar with the address, then informed that the address had been foreclosed and that no persons should be there. On arrival, officers observed that the front window was window in the same location that the witness had described seeing the suspect crawling through. Officers then entered the building and found suspect, Collin I. Binns, 47, of Boston inside. The suspect was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime.