Clark Rockefeller In Custody and Facing Numerous ChargesThe Boston Police Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is very pleased to announce that Reigh Rockefeller, who has been missing since last Sunday, was located this afternoon in Baltimore, Maryland and is now being reunited with her mother.
Today at 3:25pm, FBI agents assigned to the Baltimore field office and detectives assigned to the Baltimore Police Department safely executed the arrest of Clark Rockefeller in the vicinity of Ploy Street in the Mount Vernon section of Baltimore, MD.
Investigators determined that Clark Rockefeller and Reigh were staying in an apartment on Ploy Street in close proximity to a facility, known as Anchorage Marina, where Clark was docking his 26ft. unnamed catamaran. Investigators used this information to create a ruse to lure Clark from the apartment to the marina by placing a call to him with information that his boat was taking on water.
Clark while enroute to the marina was placed under arrest by FBI agents. Simultaneously agents made their way to the apartment to find Reigh. At approximately 3:29pm, Reigh was found alone in the apartment where she was reportedly excited to see law enforcement. Her appearance had not been altered. Reigh appeared to be unharmed.
Investigators initially learned of Clark’s whereabouts from a concerned citizen who alerted FBI officials. This individual has requested anonymity.
This massive effort was the result of remarkable collaborative work done by the Boston Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the New York City Police Department, the Massachusetts State Police, United States Coast Guard, the Baltimore Police Department and numerous other local law enforcement agencies.
Authorities would like to extend a special thanks to the media. News outlets, local and national, were critical to Reigh’s successful homecoming. We would like to extend our
deepest appreciation for the media’s commitment to the facts and dedication to not publishing information that could have potentially compromised Reigh’s safety.
Authorities would also like to extend our deepest appreciation to the hundreds of concerned citizens who called with invaluable tips on the potential whereabouts of Clark and Reigh. Authorities received more than 200 tips from across the country.
At this time, Clark Rockefeller is in FBI custody in Baltimore and facing charges which include: felony Custodial Kidnapping, Assault and Battery and Assault and Battery Dangerous Weapon. Investigators continue their efforts to determine Clark Rockefeller’s true identity.
Rockefeller is expected to be arraigned on Monday to begin the extradition process.
Sandra Boss was overjoyed by this news. She is being reunited with her daughter. She wishes to express her deepest gratitude to all those involved in bringing Reigh home.
• Reigh was last seen with her father, Clark Rockefeller, at 5 Marlborough St., Back Bay, Boston, MA, on July 27, 2008 at 12:45pm.
• The meeting was a pre-arranged visitation between Clark and his daughter in the presence of a social worker.
• During the meeting, Clark pushed the social worker down and fled the scene with Reigh. They were picked up in a vehicle by another individual at 5 Marlborough St. about 12:45pm.
• Reigh and Clark were dropped off on Garden St., Boston MA, at about 12:55PM, and seen getting in a white-colored taxicab.
• Reigh and Clark were then picked up by another individual at Lewis Wharf, Boston, MA, at about 1:30pm, and subsequently dropped off at Grand Central Station, New York, NY, about 7:30pm. This individual described the interaction between Clark and his daughter as caring and reassuring. Clark and Reigh were last seen in a taxicab line in the vicinity of the Hyatt Hotel/Grand Central Station, New York, NY.
• This abduction appears to be the result of Clark Rockefeller dissatisfaction with a divorce and custody settlement between him and Sandra Boss. They were divorced in December 2007.
• A visitation agreement was arranged in which Clark was granted permission to see his daughter in the presence of a social worker. Prior to this, Clark’s last known contact with his daughter was in December of 2007.
• Clark Rockefeller purchased significant amounts of American Gold Eagle Coins and may try to exchange these coins for currency.
• Clark Rockefeller’s arrest warrant has been upgraded to a felony kidnapping. His charges now include: felony Custodial Kidnapping, Assault and Battery and Assault and Battery Dangerous Weapon.
• FBI has obtained a warrant charging Clark Rockefeller with Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution.