Two Suspects Arrested for Assault at Construction SiteAround 1:15PM yesterday, August 1, 2008, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) responded to 229 A Street for a construction worker being assaulted with a crow bar.
On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who reported that he was welding at the site when he got into a heated verbal argument with one of the workers over work related issues. The victim reported that after the argument suspect #1 kept walking in the area that he was working in and advised the suspect not walk in the area that he was working in for safety reasons. The victim further reported that the suspect got in his face during the argument and he pushed the suspect away. After pushing the suspect away, the victim reported that the suspect picked up a hammer and made a motion as if to strike him with the hammer. The victim then told officers that he commanded the suspect to put down the hammer and fight like a man.
The victim stated that he and the suspect #1 then engaged in a fight, and while fighting the suspect observed suspect #2 out of the corner of his eye grab a crow bar and lunge at him to strike him with it. The victim reported that he attempted to avoid being hit but was nevertheless hit in the rib cage with the crow bar. The parties were then separated by coworkers who prevented the fight from escalating.
Officers spoke to witnesses on scene who corroborated the victim’s story. The suspects were then placed under arrest. Suspect #1, Edison Gonzalez, 29, of Manchester, NH was arrested and charged with Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon, and suspect #2, Serafin Rosario, 46, of Lawrence was charged with Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon.
Armed Suspect Barricades Self after Robbery
Yesterday, August 1, 2008 around 3:49PM, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to 1365 Dorchester Ave./Maxim Pharmacy for an armed robbery.
While numerous units were en route to the store, a detective unit observed an unknown white male running frantically from the direction of the armed robbery. The officer observed this individual run behind a store and then come back out having removed a t-shirt that he was wearing before he ran behind the store. At about this same time, officers received a matching description of the individual that had just run behind the store and it matched that of the suspect that just robbed the pharmacy. Officers also learned that the suspect had passed a note indicating that he was armed with a handgun, and had stolen several bottles of the prescription drug, oxycontin.
Officers, based on the above information, officers followed the suspect but lost sight of him as he turned onto Bay St. from Auckland Street. As officers attempted to determine where the suspect had fled, a concerned citizen flagged down officers and pointed them in the direction that the suspect had last been seen, running down Savin Hill Ave. toward the MBTA station. As officers continued to go in the direction that the suspect had last been seen running, officers were once again flagged down by another concerned citizen who told officers that he had just observed a person fitting a description of the suspect run into the front entrance of 15 Saxton Street.
Officers attempted to gain access to the 15 Saxton St. and discovered that the door, which is usually unlocked, according to the owner, was locked. Officers, now believing that a possibly armed suspect may be barricaded inside, set up a perimeter around the house and awaited the arrival of the Boston Police SWAT team and hostage negotiators. Officers again were approached by another witness, concerned citizen while clearing nearby residences of occupants that a male matching the suspect had been seen inside 11 Saxton Street.
After attempting to negotiate and getting no response from 15 Saxton St., the SWAT gained entrance and found no suspect. The process was repeated at 11 Saxton St. where the suspect was located hiding on a second floor apartment closet hiding in a plastic container covered with clothes.
The suspect, Gerald T. Comerford, 20, of Whitman was arrested and charged with Armed Robbery, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Class B, and Breaking and Entering in the Day Time, Resisting Arrest, and Trespassing. During a subsequent search of the apartment, officers found several containers of oxycontin that had been stolen by the suspect, as well as the shirt worn by the suspect during the robbery. The note passed by the suspect to the store clerk indicating that he had a gun was also recovered from the store.
The suspect will be arraigned at Dorchester District Court on the above charges on Monday, August 4, 2008.
Vigilant Neighbor Leads To Arrest of B&E Suspect
At approximately 8:57PM last night, August 1, 2008, officers from District E-5 (West Roxbury) responded to 11 Blueview Circle in West Roxbury for a breaking and entering in progress.
On arrival, officers spoke to a witness neighbor who reported to officers that he heard glass breaking in the rear of his neighbor’s house and knowing that the house is vacant called the police. Officers responded to the rear of 10 Blueview Circle and there observed a broken basement window, and heard noise coming from the upstairs area of the house. Officers then observed a white male inside the house who was ordered to come down and open the door. The suspect complied with officers’ orders and opened the door while having a towel wrapped around his hand.
A protective sweep was conducted of the house, and no other suspects found. The suspect then stated to officers that he had broken into the house because he heard it was up for sale and wanted to see the inside. The suspect further explained to officers that he had a towel wrapped around his hand because he had broken the rear window to gain access to the house, and in the process had suffered cuts to his right hand and arm.
The suspect, Joseph Capone, 44, of West Roxbury was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime.