Scooter Operator Arrested for Failure to StopAt around 10:02pm last night, officers assigned to the Citywide Mountain Bike Unit observed a white male on a motor scooter speeding towards the intersection of Quincy at Clarkson St. where other officers were crossing the intersection. At that time, five officers wearing bright yellow reflective uniforms marked with silver \”Boston Police\” lettering attempted to stop the suspect, who then proceeded to speed up towards the intersection directly at the officers on the bicycles. The officers crossing the street had to move out of the suspect\’s path. The officers who attempted to stop the suspect continued to follow him and also put out a broadcast of his description.
The suspect continued to speed through several intersections, disregarding traffic lights and swerving across lanes, causing dangerous situations for both other motor vehicles and pedestrian traffic. An off-duty officer and another Boston Police unit were able to catch up to the suspect who then got off the motor scooter and fled on foot. The suspect was then observed in a yard off of Mt. Everett Street by officers, who placed him under arrest. The suspect then told the officers that the motor scooter was not even his and exclaimed, \”All this for a f******* scooter.\”
Suspect, Kahrie R. Hinson, 20, of Boston was arrested and charged with Speeding, Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (Motor Scooter), Failure to Submit to a Police Officer, Driving to Endanger, and Operating Without Being Licensed.
B&E Suspects Arrested after Pushing Air Conditioning Unit In
Last night, Monday, July 28, 2008 around 10:03PM, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to 46 Dix St. in Dorchester for a breaking and entering in progress.
While en route, officers were advised that three suspects were trying to get in through a back window, and attempting to steal something. Witnesses had informed the dispatcher that the suspects were forcibly trying to push in an air conditioner unit to gain access the apartment. On arrival, officers were given further descriptions of the suspects who had fled the area. Officers immediately broadcast a description of the suspects, and shortly thereafter were alerted that an assisting officer had located a potential suspect at a nearby street. The officers that had spoken to the witnesses responded to the location of the potential suspect and while there located a second potential suspect.
The witnesses were brought over to the location of the suspects, and positively identified them. Both suspects had burglarious tools on them once placed under arrest and were transported to the district stations for booking. Officers then returned to the location of the incident, and there spoke to the victims of the breaking and entering. The resident victims reported that they had been sleeping upstairs and were not aware that the suspects had attempted to break into their house. Officers went to the window that the suspects had been trying to break into and noted damage and evidence that they indeed had pushed the air conditioning unit in an effort to enter the home.
The suspects, Danny F. Esdale, 19, of Dorchester and Deandre T. English, 19, of Brockton were arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering in the Daytime, and Possession of Burglarious.
The Doors Were Open…and I Have a CD Player at Home
This morning around 1:55AM, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to 13 Richmond St. for a breaking and entering to a motor vehicle in progress.
On arrival, officers spoke to a victim who reported that two of his cars had been broken into and damaged but nothing had been removed. While speaking to the victim, officers heard a door open in an adjacent lot at 1132 Washington Street. Officers responded to the parking lot and there observed a male coming from behind the building with a CD case in hand. As soon as this male observed officers, he immediately dropped the CD case. The suspect was secured, and the disposed CD case recovered.
After the suspect was secured, officers located two other cars that been broken into, and their owners. The owners were able to identify as theirs some of the items that the suspect had in his possession, but officers were not able to find several other items that were missing from their cars.
The suspect, Earl E. Watson, 25, of Randolph was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle, and Receiving Stolen Property. Once placed under arrest, the suspect stated to officers that he was walking by one of the victim’s vehicle when he noticed the door ajar, and grabbed the CD case out of the car because he has a CD player at home.