Robbery Suspect Caught with Stolen GoodsSaturday night around 10:02PM, officers from District D-14 (Allston and Brighton) responded to 1922 Beacon St. for a report of two men fighting
On arrival, officers found the victim lying on the sidewalk bleeding from injuries to his face and head area. EMS responded, and treated the victim while officers continued their investigation. Officers spoke to several witnesses who described the suspect as a white male wearing a blue t-shirt, with a goatee with two elastic bands braided around his beard. Witnesses further reported seeing the suspect kicking the victim around the face and head area.
Armed with the above information and description, officers located the suspect a short distance from the scene. The suspect, once stopped, was placed under arrest, and transported to the district station for booking. While at the booking area during a booking search, officers found the victim’s wallet on the suspect. The suspect, Sean P. Snellman, 29, of Boston was arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery and Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon.
From Revoked Registration and Insurance to Stolen Bonds
Yesterday around 5:41PM, officers from Citywide Bicycle Tactical Unit were on patrol in the area of Washington St. and Talbot Ave. when they observed a car with defective break lights. A traffic stop was conducted which revealed that the vehicle which was being operated by its owner had a revoked registration due to insurance cancellation.
Having determined that the car had no insurance and was not registered, officers requested a tow truck. During an inventory search of the car, officers found an envelope with cash and a number of US bonds valued at $1,000.00 each with a name on the envelope. Officers then questioned the operator about who owned the items in the envelope. The operator now turned suspect gave varying information about how he came into possession of the items in the envelope, now of which matched up. Officers contacted the Marblehead Police Department and had them go to the individual named on the envelope with the cash and bonds to determine proper ownership. Marblehead PD then notified officers that the bonds, eleven in total with each one worth $1,000.00, had been stolen from the victim’s house.
The suspect, Figaro Vogel, 32, of Hyde Park was arrested and charged with Receiving Stolen Property in addition to a number of other motor vehicle violations.
Your Red Sox Nation Membership Card is Revoked
Last night around 9:30PM, Boston Police officers performing the detail at the Red Sox vs. Yankees game arrested suspect, Joseph T. Mahony, 40, of Somerville and charged him with Being a Disorderly Person, and Trespassing.
Officers were initially summonsed to the Green Monster seating area by Fenway Park security guards for a disorderly person. Officers responded there and were informed that the suspect had been using vulgar and crude language towards other fans, more specifically a female Yankee fan. It should be noted that the area that the suspect was seated in was heavily populated by families with small children. Additionally, the suspect during his tirade against other fans, Red Sox and Yankee fans threatened to punch other fans.
Officers advised the suspect that he would have to leave or face arrest after they were informed of his behavior. After the suspect was told of his impending arrest, he exclaimed to officers, “I paid $300.00 for this ticket and I am not leaving! Arrest me!” Officers complied with the suspect’s request, placed him under arrest, and transported him to the station for booking.