Boston Police Fugitive Apprehension Unit Arrests One of New Jersey’s \”Most Wanted”

At approximately 1:30PM today, officers from the Boston Police Fugitive Apprehension Unit arrested suspect, Jonathan B. Garcia, 24, of Newark, New Jersey.Officers were on patrol in the area of 471 Dudley Street in Roxbury when they observed the suspect sitting on a motorized scooter. Officers immediately recognized the suspect from a wanted poster distributed by the Newark, New Jersey Police Department, and stopped to ascertain his identity. The suspect attempted to deceive officers by providing a false name but ultimately was positively identified as the wanted suspect. In a wanted poster distributed by the Newark Police Department, the suspect is described as being wanted for several counts of Aggravated Assault in relation to a shooting incident that resulted in three people getting shot.
The suspect was arrested and charged with being a Fugitive from Justice and will be arraigned at Roxbury District Court tomorrow, July 17, 2008.