POLICE COMMISSIONER ED DAVIS REQUESTS FORMER US ATTORNEY DONALD K. STERN TO CONDUCT AN EXTERNAL REVIEW INTO THE DEATH OF DAVID WOODMANPolice Commissioner Ed Davis has requested that Donald K. Stern, the former US Attorney and now a partner at Cooley Godward Kronish, review the facts and circumstances surround the death of David Woodman. The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office in conjunction with The Boston Police Homicide Unit has already begun a thorough and exhaustive investigation into David’s death. The Boston Police Internal Affairs Division is also conducting an investigation.
Commissioner Davis stated, “I have complete confidence that the investigation into the death of Mr. Woodman will be fair and thorough. In the interest of public trust and transparency, I see great value in having an outside, independent, and broader review of the circumstances into this incident, to determine if there are any changes in policies or training which the Department should consider. Obviously, this must be accomplished in a way which does not compromise the District Attorney\’s effort. I have assured Mr. Stern that he will have whatever support and assistance he needs from the Department.\”