Purse Snatching Suspect Tackled by Good SamaritansAt approximately 8:32PM last night, officers from District A-1( Downtown Boston and Charlestown) arrested suspect, John P. DiFrancesco, 35, of Boston and charged him with Unarmed Robbery.
Officers initially responded to the area of North and Lewis Streets for an armed robbery in progress. On arrival, officers observed the suspect lying on the ground with the victim and several other witnesses standing by. Officers spoke to the victim who reported that she was walking down the street when she heard running behind her. The victim stated that she turned around and observed the suspect running towards her. The suspect then grabbed her purse, dragging her with the purse. The victim reported the suspect dragged her for approximately 4 seconds and in the process dragged her into the street.
The victim then reported to officers that after the suspect was able to get the bag from her he fled down the street stuffing the bag down his pants. Per witnesses and the victim, the victim started screaming after the suspect dislodged the bag from her when some unidentified males pursued the suspect, and tackled him. The victim’s purse was returned to her with all its contents. The unidentified males left the scene prior to police arrival.
OUI Suspect Arrested After Urinating on Himself
At approximately 12:09AM this morning, officers responded to 10 Williams St. in Roxbury for an intoxicated male passed out in a car.
On arrival, officers observed Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) on scene attending to the occupant of the car. The occupant was leaning on the door of the car with glassy eyes, an odor of alcohol on his person, and vomit on the front of his shirt. Officers spoke to the EMTs on scene and learned from them that they had arrived on scene and found the victim passed out at the wheel.
Officers spoke to the suspect/operator and requested of him his information. During further conversation with the suspect, he became belligerent and threatened officers with loss of their job. Officers then had the suspect perform sobriety tests, which he failed. While officers were still speaking to the suspect, he urinated on himself. Based on this information, officers determined that the suspect’s ability to operate his car was substantially diminished through his use of alcohol.
The suspect, Santos Mendez, 27, of Roxbury, was arrested and charged with Operating Under the Influence. After the suspect was placed under arrest, officers located two vehicles that damage consistent with having been struck by the suspect’s car.
Armed Robbery at Comedy Connection
This morning around 2:21AM, officers from District A-1 (Charlestown and Downtown Boston) responded a call for an armed robbery at The Comedy Room located at 2 South Market St. in Faneuil Hall.
On arrival, officers spoke with the victim of the armed robbery. The victim reported to officers that the was in his office putting money from the night away when the suspect, a black male wearing a black mask with purple around the face area of it walked into his office. The victim further reported that the suspect brandished a firearm and directed him to put all the money in the bag. According to the victim, the suspect then threatened him stating that he was going to catch a “hot one.” The suspect then struck the victim in the face with the firearm, ordered him to the ground, and fled the scene with the money.