Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm Safety Tips


  • Secure or store outdoor objects–such as lawn furniture, ornaments, hanging plants, and gardening tools–in a basement, garage, or other indoor location.
  • If you have a sump pump, make sure that is working and functional.
  • If your basement takes on water, stay out of the basement and away from the breaker box. 

Power Lines and Outages

  • If you lose power, notify NSTAR immediately at 1(800) 592-2000 or
  • Avoid using open flames, such as candles and kerosene lamps, as a source of light. Flashlights are safer and smarter. 
  • Stay clear of downed power lines, as they could be electrified and deadly.
  • If a wire falls on your car, remain inside the vehicle until help arrives.

Supplies (prepare a storm kit that includes the following items)

  • First aid kit. 
  • One gallon of water per person, per day.
  • Non-perishable, easy-to-prepare foods like peanut butter, crackers, and canned fruit, as well as a can opener.
  • Battery powered flashlight (or radio) with plenty of extra batteries.
  • One-week supply of prescription and non-prescription medications.
  • Blankets or sleeping bags.
  • Cash; ATMs and credit cards won’t work in power outages.
  • Pet supplies if applicable.

Boats on the Water

  • In the best interests of protecting your property, if you have a boat anchored or moored in the water, it is best to take it out.
  • If you cannot remove your boat, the second best of course of action is to take additional steps to reinforce dock lines used to tie and secure your vessel.
  • Stay off the water during storms.
  • Curiosity seekers should stay away from the shoreline and other areas that could pose danger. Exercise caution, care, and common sense.