North Star Personal Alert Program

North Star Personal Alert

The North Star Personal Alert
Program is a voluntary program for parents, guardians, or caretakers of
children and adults who tend to wander or are a flight risk from a specific
location (e.g., home, school, nursing home, etc.). This initiative helps
individuals who may have difficulty communicating with first responders or who do
not understand the potential danger faced by him/her. The program particularly
serves individuals with Autism/Autistic Spectrum Disorders and those with
Alzheimer’s disease.

To ensure the welfare of an individual,
the Boston Police Department and other emergency services in and around the
City use a comprehensive database containing information provided by the
parents, legal guardians, or caretakers. This information helps first responders
ensure the individual receives any necessary services.

We hope that residents will
take full advantage of this initiative and assist first responders with the
safe return of loved ones. Community members can enroll in North Star by
contacting the BPD at (617) 343-6503 or