Initial Response


Initial Response

  • You can expect 100% effort from all homicide detectives.
  • We cannot predict or guarantee results.
  • We cannot control when information becomes available.
  • We will follow the case until the end; statutes of limitations do not apply to homicides.


  • Following a homicide, the lead investigators contact the victim’s immediate family. We make every effort to notify the family within 24 hours.
  • Within a few days, a Victim-Witness Resource Officer contacts the family to offer helpful resources and support.
  • We cannot always answer questions without compromising the investigation. Please understand that this does not mean that we are simply withholding information from you.
  • It is crucial for family and friends to share information with detectives about the victim’s history because it may be significant to the case.
  • If the detectives do not consider the victim’s property to be evidence or critical to the case, they will return the items to family when appropriate.

Media Reports

  • Understand that media reports and interviews can affect an investigation and prosecution.
  • If family and friends choose to speak with the media, it is recommended that they focus on what the victim’s loss meant to them and should not be about the investigation.