Bureau of Professional Standards

Bureau of Professional Standards

Reporting directly to the Police Commissioner, this Bureau has responsibility for ensuring that the professional standards and integrity of the Department and its members are maintained. 

Anti-Corruption Division 

Reporting directly to the Bureau Chief, investigates instances in which a City employee is reported or suspected of involvement in criminal activity involving abuse of position and any other investigation at the direction of the Bureau Chief or the Police Commissioner.

Internal Affairs Division

Reporting directly to the Bureau Chief, oversees the Internal Investigations Unit, the Recruit Investigations Unit and the Auditing and Review Unit.


Internal Investigations Group
Reporting directly to the Assistant Bureau Chief, investigates incidents of alleged police misconduct; reviews complaint investigations to assure that investigations are thorough and complete; analyzes all complaint data; and proactively assists in the development of needed training modules. Coordinates the Department\’s efforts relative to the Early Intervention System (EIS) in those circumstances where intervention may prevent subsequent problems or complaints. Reviews the investigative efforts of personnel assigned to conduct recruit investigations.
Recruit Investigations Unit
Reporting directly to the Assistant Bureau Chief, conducts background investigations on all police recruit applicants and other Department employees.


Auditing and Review Unit

Reporting directly to the Chief of the Bureau of Professional Standards performs periodic audits of specific functions within Units and Districts to assess their level of performance and their compliance with Department policies and Rules and Procedures; makes recommendations for the development or modification of organizational strategies and procedures.