Bureau of Investigative Services

Bureau of Investigative Services

The Bureau oversees the activities of the citywide investigative Divisions.  The Bureau includes the Community Disorders Unit, the Investigative Planning Unit, the Major Case Division and the Criminal Investigation Division.

Civil Rights Unit

Coordinates the Department\’s investigative and field response to bias-related incidents and crimes in which citizens\’ civil rights have been infringed upon by violence, threats or harassment. 


Investigative Planning Unit

Provides administrative and operational logistical support to the Bureau Chief.

Major Case Division

Responsible for conducting investigations of criminal activity by both individuals and organized groups. The Division includes the following: The Family Justice Group, Special Investigations Unit, the Drug Control Unit, the Financial Evidence Unit, and the DEA Task Force Unit.  The Division’s Support Group includes the Fire Investigation Unit, the Auto Theft Unit, the D.A.’s Office Unit, the Crime Stoppers Unit, the Licensed Premises Unit and the Sex Offender Registry Information Unit.

Family Justice Division 

Responsible for the Department’s response to and investigation of incidents of sexual assault, domestic abuse, child abuse and exploitation. The Division includes the Sexual Assault Unit, the Domestic Violence Unit, the Human Trafficking Unit and the Crimes Against Children Unit.
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Criminal Investigation Division

Responsible for conducting general and specialized investigations.  The Division includes the Homicide Unit, the Fugitive Section, District Detectives, and Forensics Group.


Homicide Unit
At the direction of the District Attorney\’s Office, investigates and prepares cases on all homicides, suspicious deaths, fatal collisions, serious assaults, and battered children cases in which the victim is in danger of death, as well as the investigation of the sudden death of infants or those apparently stillborn.
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Fugitive Section
Reporting directly to the Homicide Unit Commander, responsible for tracking and prosecuting persons wanted as Fugitives from Justice. The unit is comprised of the Investigations/Rendition Squad and the Apprehension/HIDT Squad.
Forensic Group
Responsible for obtaining, preserving and analyzing physical evidence for eventual court presentation and for assisting in the development of techniques and procedures for effective crime scene search and criminal identification and apprehension. The Forensic Division consists of the Firearms Analysis Unit, the Crime Lab Unit, the Latent Print Unit, and the Crime Scene Response Unit.
District Detectives
Responsible for general investigations of crime committed within the geographical boundaries of the respective districts to which they are assigned.